What’s on at the Fire Stables

We’ve got a whole season of fantastic events tucked up our sleeve to spoil you entirely throughout year, from cocktail master classes to fantastic premium food pairing evenings. Grab your diary, book your tickets and join us for an experience like no-other in the Village.

September 3rd 2018 - November 12th 2018

Battle of beers - You vote!

There's an animated debate in progress in England: what's the best kind of beer? "Experts" say Bitters and Stouts, most people love a good lager and new connoisseurs enjoy a craft IPA.
Your vote could make the difference and decree which one is Britain's favourite.
Find the voting cards at the bar and give it to a member of our team to get the chance to win a trip to Germany courtesy of Camden Town Brewery.
You can vote online as well! Click below on "More info".

October 18th 2018 | 6.00PM - 10.00PM

Christmas Showcase II

How lovely has it been to see you all at our Christmas Showcase but we want to be considerate of those who couldn't make it. That's why we are hosting a second Showcase! You are still in time to come over, meet our team and taste our delicious canapes.
Everyone's welcome, bring your family, your friends or your boss and have a wonderful evening!

October 31st 2018 | 7.00PM - 10.00PM


Knock knock "Trick or treat?"
Stop by for a cheeky drink on your way to the party or book a table for dinner and collect a sweet treat from the bar.

Don't throw your costume away after tonight, you may need it for our after-Halloween night on Friday 2nd November. Check out the next page to find out more.


October 1st 2018 | 12.00PM - 8.00PM

International Coffee Day

Stand aside tea, there's another hot drink in the list of Britain's favourite: coffee.
Because we all need a hot black coffee to wake us up in the morning or a lovely smooth latte to warm us up on the coldest afternoons.
Whether we need it or just like it, there's always a good reason to drink coffee, especially on its International Day

October 1st 2018 - October 7th 2018

London Cocktail week

We didn't need an excuse to enjoy a good cocktail but if you want to find one: it is London Cocktail week!
Grab our cocktail list, choose your favourite and tell one of our expert bartenders. How do you like it, shaken or stirred?

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